Monday, April 15, 2013

Put That Tax Refund to Good Booze

It's Tax Day in America, and assuming that Uncle Sam isn't giving you a personal audit, you should have a nice little chunk of change to spend. Why not celebrate with a drink that's totally worth the money! Whether your taste is beer, wine, or liquor; we've got a nicely priced list of the best you can get right here.

Beer:  Westvleteren XII

Price: $85.00 per "Brick" (6 33cl Bottles), up to $300-$400 on Ebay

Why it is worth it: Commonly regarded as "The best beer on earth" Westvleteren XII is brewed by Belgian in the same traditional fashion as they have for decades. It is rare to find this beer Stateside, let alone outside of Belgium, but when you can, pick it up!

Wine: Clos des Papes Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape 2010

Price: $128 per bottle

Why it's worth it: Rating at 98 on the Wine Spectator scale is a top honor, and this wine is consistently found in the top 5 of "Best Wine" Lists around the world. However, the best case for the price is to taste it!

Scotch: Glenmorangie 18 Years Old "Extremely Rare" 

Price: $100 per bottle

Why it's worth it: This Scotch spends 15 years maturing in a Bourbon Oak Barrel, and finishes with 3 years in a Oloroso Sherry Barrel to develop tasting of nuts, dried sticky figs and dates; leaving a nice creamy finish with a hint of fruit, floral, almonds and vanilla. The flavor profile and quality of this exceptional Single Malt Scotch live up to its name: extremely rare.

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