Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Katz Americas Presents Interactive Coasters

Interactive Coasters by Katz Americas

Katz Americas is excited to introduce the next generation of digital interaction on your coasters! Powered by Blippar, the premier visual discovery platform, we are now able to create a custom digital interaction within your coaster at a price that everyone can afford! The possibilities and benefits of using Interactive Coasters by Katz Americas are limitless with options including: video, audio, layered graphics, live polls, photo booths, animations and much more!

Katz Americas has made Interactive Coasters powered by Blippar available for all Promo Pak Levels at an incredibly low price of $120* per experience! Not only is this technology amazing, we have made it amazingly affordable.

To get a more in depth look at what Interactive Coasters can do for your brand, download the free Blippar app and 'Blipp' the image below! 

*Price subject to monthly hosting fees

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