Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beer With a Side of Ice Cream

Yuengling, the company behind one of America's most popular lagers, has stepped beyond the hops, grains and barley into the realm of cream, sugar and vanilla. Yuengling has re-entered the supermarket shelves with a new ice cream product, separate to the production of the beer products. Unfortunately, Yuengling will not be offering beer flavored ice creams. 

Yuengling has a history in the dairy business, as the company used to make ice cream up until about 30 years ago. Yuengling used the ice cream as a way to get past prohibition woes, and then continued to make the dessert well after as an additional revenue stream. 

The new incarnation of Yuengling’s Ice Cream is reportedly a separate company with no connection to the brewery. However, it has already capitalized on that famous name as the initial run of 100,000 quarts rolled off the production line ahead of schedule because of high demand, fueled by nostalgia and the popularity of the eponymous beer.

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