Friday, October 26, 2012

There's an App for that...Free Beer

Normally, when I see the telltale sign of FWD:>> FWD>>> FWD>>> in the subject line of an email, it's delete and move on, however... one that had also contained two additional words:  free beer -- was somewhat intriguing.

I was certainly entertained by the show that opened up in front of my eyes on my desktop.

I wonder how they did that?  After a time pondering and a second time watching...


What else could it be?   Cheers to Simon Pierro, and for Munich's famous Hofbraeuhaus pub, for playing along!


Get Ready to Mo!

Movember is soon upon us... Unlike other cancer awareness initiatives, Movember is only cut out for a certain breed of man. Characteristics of this man include; one or more Y chromosomes, a primal sense of authority, endless stomach capacity for red meat, the ability to lift immense amounts of weight, and the mindset that a gentleman settles his disputes by way of pugilism. Does that sound like you or someone you know?

One of the best examples of the classic Movember Man I can find this year (besides myself, naturally) would have to be Nick Offerman. You may know him as Ron Swanson from the television show Parks and Recreation, but I know him simply as a man; a Movember man. This year, Nick has offered up some tips and secrets on how to take your moustache from peach fuzz to lip sweater status. Take a look here:

Stay tuned for upcoming Movember announcements and hairy insights from the Katz team!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Get Out and Eat!

The fall resurgence of local restaurant week is upon us here in Western New York! Time to loosen up the wallet and check out some of Western New York's best restaurants and maybe even find a new favorite!

 Local restaurant week will feature a wide selection of eateries, all with fixed price menus offering meals for $20.12. Local Restaurant Week has grown significantly in recent years, being pioneered from 60 participants in 2009 to more than 200 participants this year. For more information on Local Restaurant Week and a full list of participating restaurants, visit

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'd Tap That...

What do bears, rollerskates, and fireworks have to do with each other (besides being completely awesome)? Nothing, this is a blog post about turning a pumpkin into a keg. Seriously, turning a pumpkin into a keg of beer!

I have long heard about using hollowed out fruits and melons as punch bowls, but now that I'm more "aware of my beer surroundings" I came across a very simple and incredibly cool twist on the fruit-as-a-drink-holder concept, and needless to say I've been wanting to try it since I first saw it. As a side note, if anyone wants to debate the "Is pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?" topic, find me on twitter. Without further delay, here is the video that has inspired me; it gives step by step instruction on how to make the pumpkin keg, and shows you how hard it can be to open a beer. Enjoy!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pursuit of Hoppiness 10/5/12

Welcome Back! It's been a quick week, but I will be keeping in the spirit of the season with this week's review. This week I am reviewing Long Trail Pumpkin Ale. I will rate the beer by Appearance, Taste, Finish, Body, and an Overall Rating.

Appearance - Long Trail Pumpkin Ale has a nice smooth pour with a dark orange color, almost copper. The beer has a clearness to it, and not much carbonation is seen aside from the foam head on the glass.

Taste - I'm always skeptical about pumpkin beers, and to be honest, I usually just don't like them. Long trail Pumpkin Ale was not one of these instances. This pumpkin ale had a very rich and balanced flavor between the pumpkin, spice, hops, and wheat. It was a very flavorful beer.

Finish - Long Trail Pumpkin Ale had a very clean finish with lingering notes of light spice (primarily the classic pumpkin pie spices nutmeg and clove) and actually has a bit of a hop bitterness, like that of a pale ale.

Body - Long Trail Pumpkin Ale is a medium bodied beer with a nice robust flavor. The beer is not heavy, but surely doesn't drink like a light beer or a standard Ale. Mid-High Carbonation provided a bit of a crispness to the beer that I enjoyed.

Overall Rating - I'm not usually a Pumpkin beer drinker, but Long Trail did this one right. It has a nice seasonal flavor without going too far, and drinks like a flavorful pale ale. I give Long Trail Pumpkin Ale a rating of 8.0/10

Thanks for reading! Check back next Friday for more craft beer reviews!