Friday, October 5, 2012

Pursuit of Hoppiness 10/5/12

Welcome Back! It's been a quick week, but I will be keeping in the spirit of the season with this week's review. This week I am reviewing Long Trail Pumpkin Ale. I will rate the beer by Appearance, Taste, Finish, Body, and an Overall Rating.

Appearance - Long Trail Pumpkin Ale has a nice smooth pour with a dark orange color, almost copper. The beer has a clearness to it, and not much carbonation is seen aside from the foam head on the glass.

Taste - I'm always skeptical about pumpkin beers, and to be honest, I usually just don't like them. Long trail Pumpkin Ale was not one of these instances. This pumpkin ale had a very rich and balanced flavor between the pumpkin, spice, hops, and wheat. It was a very flavorful beer.

Finish - Long Trail Pumpkin Ale had a very clean finish with lingering notes of light spice (primarily the classic pumpkin pie spices nutmeg and clove) and actually has a bit of a hop bitterness, like that of a pale ale.

Body - Long Trail Pumpkin Ale is a medium bodied beer with a nice robust flavor. The beer is not heavy, but surely doesn't drink like a light beer or a standard Ale. Mid-High Carbonation provided a bit of a crispness to the beer that I enjoyed.

Overall Rating - I'm not usually a Pumpkin beer drinker, but Long Trail did this one right. It has a nice seasonal flavor without going too far, and drinks like a flavorful pale ale. I give Long Trail Pumpkin Ale a rating of 8.0/10

Thanks for reading! Check back next Friday for more craft beer reviews!

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