Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'd Tap That...

What do bears, rollerskates, and fireworks have to do with each other (besides being completely awesome)? Nothing, this is a blog post about turning a pumpkin into a keg. Seriously, turning a pumpkin into a keg of beer!

I have long heard about using hollowed out fruits and melons as punch bowls, but now that I'm more "aware of my beer surroundings" I came across a very simple and incredibly cool twist on the fruit-as-a-drink-holder concept, and needless to say I've been wanting to try it since I first saw it. As a side note, if anyone wants to debate the "Is pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?" topic, find me on twitter. Without further delay, here is the video that has inspired me; it gives step by step instruction on how to make the pumpkin keg, and shows you how hard it can be to open a beer. Enjoy!

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