Monday, August 26, 2013

"KATZ-timonials" New Buffalo Brewing Co.

Thank you to New Buffalo Brewing Company for the kind words and continued patronage! You can also check out their kickstarter, here. Cheers!

You can view the rest of our video testimonials here.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Need A Hand(le)?

We love everything beer related, so naturally we're drawn to the art of Tap Handles. Recently, we stumbled across a collection of some very cool custom Tap Handles; here's some of our favorites.

World War II Grenade Tap Handle

Beer Ingredients Tap Handle

Deer Antlers Tap Handles

Robotic Hand Tap Handle

Dogfish Head Steampunk Tap Handle

Becks Fixed Gear Bike Tap Handle

Six Shooter Tap Handle

Lightsaber Tap Handle

Piranha Plant Tap Handle

Sapporo Sword Tap Handle

Nintendo Controller Tap Handles

Vintage Tools Tap Handles

Have any Tap Handles that you just love? Send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter!