Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Taste of Spring!

With the Vernal Equinox comes a slew of crisp, flavorful beers to celebrate the return of Spring. Here are some of the brews making waves this season, and why you should try them. This list is not intended to be a ranking, Enjoy!

1) Widmer Brothers, Columbia Common Spring Ale

This brew has been catching quite a bit of attention this season with its clean, toasty malt and hoppy, almost pine aroma.

2) Magic Hat, Pistil

A light golden ale with a citrus and floral flavor will provide a refreshing flavor this Spring.

3) Sauel Adams, Alpine Spring

This Spring seasonal made its debut last year, and has since taken a preference over its predecessor, Noble Pils. Taste the clean, full bodied, light citrus flavors in this beer today.

4) Ommegang Brewery, Iron Throne Ale

Named in joint with Game of Thrones, it is a very crisp and bubbly Belgian-style ale with notes of banana and citrus. Colored as light as a Lannister's hair.

5) Sierra Nevada,  Southern Hemisphere Harvest

A bit of a darker, reddish hued beer with a rich and full bodied malt flavor, complimented with a hoppy finish.

6) Dogfish Head, Aprihop

Looking for a sweet and fruity Spring time beer? Well you've come to the right place with Dogfish Head Brewery's Aprihop. A good balance of tangy apricot flavor and sweet caramel malt.

7) Alaskan Brewing, Birch Bock

A Spring beer that truly represents the region it comes from. Alaskan Birch Bock features Alaskan birch maple syrup, homegrown hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest, and glacier fed water. If the complex, rich flavors aren't enough to sweep you off your feet, the 8.5% ABV sure will.

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