Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get Off Your Glass!

Over the past two years, I've started to develop a wider appreciation for beer and the art of craft brewing. I've picked up on flavors, textures, ingredients and how changes in the brewing process can effect the final result. One aspect that I had little knowledge about until recently was how the glassware used for your beer can play into the tasting experience. I now get annoyed when bartenders pour from taps of craft beer into plastic cups. Seriously, it's like going to a fancy restaurant and eating off of a paper plate....

Having finished shaking my head at that thought, I was very excited to learn about a new collaboration between Dogfish Head Brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewing and German glassware company, Spiegelau. The three companies came together to craft an IPA glass that was worthy of the craft beer to fill it. 

The new IPA glass features a thinner sidewall to retain the cold temperature of the beverage, which was an issue in standard pint glasses, leading to a more true hop taste. Another new feature is the waves in the bottom half of the glass to promote aeration and balance the flavors of the IPA. Aside from all of the technical specifications of the glass, it just looks plain cool... 

The IPA Glass will be available for sale in stores and online starting in April, just in time to start enjoying the crispness of an IPA in the warmer months. Cheers!

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